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Our Mission Is to Beat Back Voter Suppression, Expand the Vote and

Empower Our Communities via Key Free Services and Training.







This Is a Critical Time for Democracy


Our Free Assistance Is geared to providing support and broadening your reach during this critical time in history.

During this pivotal period in the history of our country, and particularly for African-Americans and other minorities, we can help increase voter participation outreach and election protection.

We Are Here to Help at No Cost.
You Choose from a Menu of Services.

We have the skills to help you expand the vote in your congregation and, importantly, your congregations' families, friends, and the community.

We Exist to Expand Democracy and Empowerment by Helping Our Communities

Protect and Exercise Their Right to Vote. 

We Listen, Share and Collaborate.


It will take all of us and as many organizations as possible who are willing to work together, to overcome the threat to our democracy and civil rights that we face.

Our Services Benefit and Assist

the Smallest Congregations

and Large Ones. 

Please Note, That Our Services Include:

Simple & Fast Action-Items to Strengthen Voter Turnout

Ways to Get Family and Friends of Congregants and

Those in Your Community

Who Don't Vote

to Vote



Ways to Get More People to Vote in

Mid-Terms and Off-Year Elections 

and Stimulate Voting in Our Community Every Year.

Please Click/Press Here to See a

 List of Our Services.

Empowerment and Democracy is a 501.4c applicant and initiative of the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP). We are Pro-Democracy Advocates and Election Specialists providing FREE SERVICES to Institutions of Faith and Other Organizations. 


As a nonpartisan, pro-empowerment, and pro-democracy get-out-the-vote initiative, we are laser-focused on increasing voter turnout as well as voter education and election protection issues


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