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From creating a character to animating or editing or providing just elements,

you will have the opportunity to limit or expand your role while working with us.

The Empowerment and Democracy Project (EAD), an initiative of the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP), is looking for volunteers with ANY ONE OR MORE of the following skill sets to assist in creating explainer videos to increase voter turnout:

animators, video editors, graphic designers, cartoonists, sketch artists, caricaturists,

comic book artists, storyboard creators, writers, and voiceover artists 

We are looking for people who are concerned about voter suppression and have a passion for preserving democracy. Help us push back against the anti-democracy movement and overcome voter suppression activity during this pivotal moment in history.

We are looking for people of all races, gender identities, and ethnicities. Our projects are focused on African Americans, other minority communities, and young people.

We will be doing explainer videos to motivate people to vote. These explainers will cut through complexity quickly and provide the viewer with an “aha” moment. The goal is to touch more people viscerally and get them to think: “I get it, now. This vote is very important to me and my family” (an impactful epiphany or insight).

Our purpose is to empower people through a visual experience where they can feel and more clearly grasp the connection between the needs and issues important to them and the power of their vote (why one more vote matters).

The goal is to increase voter registration and the turnout of registered voters during the critical midterm elections and beyond by linking the value of one additional vote with personal needs and goals.

We expect wide circulation via social media and other web platforms through our distribution plan.


These video explainers will be short, mainly between 1 to 2 minutes.

The work can be simple from a graphics and an animation perspective, but our story and the presentation should be powerfully on target.

We will do the story and specify images. We are very open to changing or adjusting the story based on your suggestions and others in our group if it makes it better or easier to do.

We will stick to the parameters we set together regarding our defining scope and timeline.

We will also use purchased stock, including photographs, illustrations, vector graphics, icons, etc.

You may do one or more elements, or help with the storyboard or do part or all of the animation.  

The software you use can vary if the deliverable is convertible to a popular image or video format for video editing (like Premier).

If you wish confidentiality, that is not a problem.

If you are interested and have the time, you can join our brainstorming sessions.

We hope you will explore joining us in our mission to increase the vote.

Please go to this link or call/text Walter Hales at 412-953-9907

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