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Election Protection and Poll Monitoring Training, Education. B-PEP has poll monitors on the ground in parts of Allegheny County during the election.

  • Follow-Up Assistance with Other Organizations and Follow-Up - We are working on providing follow-up assistance with those who have applied for registration and/or mail-in ballot to help them to get their vote in on time or assist them in getting to them to the polls.

  • Canvassing Training and Assistance (Direct on the Street Assistance Limited by Area and Partners' Internal Capacity)


  •  Phone/Text Banking Training for Your Own Program or Link You with Other Assistance Programs. If you have congregants or know of community members who would like to participate in non-partisan voter out reach, which can be particularly effective if from the church, synegod, or templexxx or community their own community when possible or join a group doing nonpartisan outreach in the state.

  • Explainer Videos (Videos that xxx) - videos that xxx 

  • Hard Copy and Digital Infographic and Educational Material

    • ​See an Example of how valuable this can be, particularly with last minute adjustments.​​
      Many, if not most people, who did not receive their mail-in ballot as the election date neared, did not know that they could go to the Election Office, fill out a new mail-in ballot application, hand it to the clerk, receive their ballot on the spot.

      They could fill out the ballot at a private station and vote by dropping it into the voting dropbox.

      No waiting and hoping that the ballot would come by mail by election day.

      You would not be allowed to vote at the poll if you did not have the ballot that you had first applied for. You needed to re-apply.

      We put together a quick graphic. It wasn't pretty, but it got out the message. We also notified every church group in our database about this.

      About 5% of votes were not counted because of late mailing or not having their mail-in ballot when they went to the polls. Though they may have voted provisionally, many provisional ballots are not counted.

      The flyer was simple and got the message across. If you haven't received your mail-in ballot by now, go to the Elections Office, reapply and vote on the spot.

    • Detailed Voting Reference Guide (More Detailed for Allegheny County) for finding greater detail on how to's, such as xxxx. Example: shut-ins, xxx O'Hanlons service to hospitals....



  • Transportation Pooling Guide and through B-PEP, Roll to the Polls (Currently only have for Southwest PA, Allegheny County)

  •  Outreach Solutions

    •      Business Card Sized Voter Assistance Phone Numbers and Links (Including QR Code)

    • Card-Connecting Share

      • Do you have kids and want them to have more?

      • Can't get the right kind of job?

      • Want to be a real hero or shero?

    •     Election Process Monitoring and Updating (Allegh. Co.)
        in addition to our letting people who had not received their ballot know that they could go to the election office to vote if they had applied and approved.

      I noted early that the Administrative office, as other offices in the state, were so overwhelmed by the intake of registration applications, that registration applications fell behind mail-in ballot applications. The mail turnaround was also a factor. We discovered after speaking with directors that there was a 2 day delay with inputting registration applications into the system and election offices had planned for this. Mail-in ballots were processed in another location in the building. So, mail-in ballots applications were being rejected because they were being processed before registration applications. Many of these applications were being delivered to the election offices in our county and others in stacks due to election drives. We then put together flyers and got out emails to groups to get the message out that during this period people should 2 days before turning in their mail-in ballot application. Later, I presented a couple solutions in a submission to the Election Board. On followup the Election Board adopted a process that would allow them to keep applications together in the future. During drives, it would also help to keep both applications together before delivering them to the Election Office.


    •      Election Issues Monitoring and Updating


  •     Community Hubs Outreach Program  (Please see Barbers, Hairstylists, and Salons Program)(you - IDs)

  • Check Lists in accordance with known election dates. Provide process for Faith Leaders Including Congregant Faith Leaders like social xxx, messengers and that can be used as an election approaches. 


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