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Easy & Quick-Start Service Menu

for the Smallest Congregation 

A Fast-Start Menu of Free Services for Congregations of All Sizes 
(Some Can Be Started in Minutes)


  1. Easy & Quick Solutions and Assistance to Increase Voting That Are Very Simple to Implement that  
               - Help Your Voting Congregation with Voting Issues and 
               - Influence Non-Voters and Low Frequency Voters to Vote


    • Pocket-Sized Cards with Quick Links and Phone Number Cards for Wallet or Purse (Simply Hand Them Out). They Include: 

      • Election Protection Assistance

      • Registration Assistance

      • Poll Location Assistance

    • Simple and Quick-Start Methods to Reach Non-Voters and Infrequent Voters

      • Powerful, Motivating Video Links

        • Audience Specific, Short, Personal and Effective Video Messages to Motivate People to Vote. ​​

    • ​Flyers and Guides Chosen for Importance in Clarifying and Helping People to Register or Vote and Protect Their Rights

    • Informational Material on Pro-Democracy Issues Involved in the Coming Elections and on the Ballot

    • Important, Effective Voting Talking Point Suggestions for Presentation During Services or Meetings

    • Expand Voting and Reach of Your Institution by Asking Your Congregants to Simply Introduce Us to Barbers, Hairstylists and Salons and Other Businesses (See Our Barbers, Hairstylists and Salons Initiative to Increase Voter Turnout.)​


  2. Updates on Candidates and Major Ballot Issues and How They Affect Our Communities (Monitoring Statewide Issues) Including:

    • Statewide Candidates

    • Statewide Referenda

    • Other as Is Available*

  3. Registration Training and Assistance 

    • Training Zooms and Recordings, Educational Material

      • Training Congregant Leaders and Volunteers with Up-To-Date Best Practices in Helping People with Registration and Ballot Applications (Paper and Computer with Covid-Protocols, If Needed.)

      • Registration Forms (mailed to you)


  4.  Ballots for Patients in Hospitals (Currently Setting Up).

    • Training of Volunteers to Provide Information or Directly Facilitate Voting for Hospital Patients. Service to Be Provided Provided in Collaboration With Ballots for Patients.

  5. Shut- In Voting-Assistance Information  

    • Information Including Process, Links and Phone Numbers Regarding Assisting Shut-ins and Those in Care Facilities.

  6. Shut- In Voting-Assistance Information  Information Including

    • Process, Links and Phone Numbers Regarding Assisting Shut-ins and Those in Care Facilities. 

  7. Follow-Up Assistance with Voters That You Have Registered(Being Developed and Evaluated with Collaborating Partners)

    • Voters Would Be Contacted to See If They Have Non-Partisan Questions such as Voting Process, Poll Location or Need to Know How to Get Their Vote in on Time.

    • If Feasible (Under Review), We May Be Able to Assist Them to Get to the Polls.

  8. Voter Suppression Updating and Collaboration​ 

    • Updates on Known Voter Suppression Issues

    • Election Protection and Poll Monitoring Training and Education 

      • Though B-PEP/EAD Project and​ Others Including Common Cause

    • Provide or Connect You with Local Election Protection and Poll Monitoring Groups​ Including Known On-Site Monitoring Groups (B-PEP Provides In Certain WPA Areas)

    • Provide Local and/or State/National Election Protection Contacts Previous to and During the Election

  9. Election & Voting Process Monitoring - Updates and Changes

    • Updating and Monitoring Important Information regarding Known Election Office Operations as well as Accessible Post-Office Delivery Information.

      • Rollout of This Service Beyond Allegheny County Will Be Determined as Resources and Collaborators Become Available.

  10.  Explainer Videos 

    • Provide Audience-Specific, Powerful, Short, and Personally-Important Video Messages. These Videos Stir Specific Audiences to Vote by Evoking a Deep, Emotional Reaction Demanding Action. They  Visually Connect the Urgency to Vote with a Deeply Personally-Motivating Issue.

    • They will be made accessible for easy access and sharing through a number of methods, including QR codes and web links, to spread via social media and email. (QR codes provides online link via printed material including business-sized cards.)

  11. Election Education and Voter Protection Hard Copy and Online Digital Infographics and Flyers and Guides

    • Produced by B-PEP, LWV, EAD, Non-Partisan and Advocacy Organization and Religious Organizations, as Well as Useful Government Material. This Material Will Be Available Online or Distributed via Pre-Arranged Regional Pick-Up or by Mail Depending Up Costs and Logistics

  12. Detailed Voting Reference Guide

    • An Online Guide With Answers To Voting Questions And Where to Find Greater Detail on Specific Voting Issues such as Assisting Shut-In Voters Who Can't Deliver Their Ballot or Sign Their Ballot due to Illness

  13. Check-Lists and Suggestions

    • Lists and Suggestions Can Be Used to Assist in Planning Educational, Registration and Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts

  14. Community Hubs Outreach Program 

  15. Phone/Text Banking Training and Programs

    • We Will Connect You with Non-Partisan Programs 

    • In Development: Collaborative Programs that Will Focus on Your Area (Community)

    • Currently Under Review: Training to Create Your Own Program

      • Your Local Community

      • Larger Community 

  16. Canvassing Training and Assistance

    • In Development: Collaboration with Non-Partisan Trainers and Organizers to Train and Dispatch in Your Own or Other Areas 

    • Currently Under Review: Training to Set-Up Your Own Local Canvassing and Follow-Up Effort 

  17. Election Transportation Pooling and Assistance 

    • Transportation Organizing and Dispatching

      • Allegheny County and Certain Surounding County Areas Under B-PEP Roll-to-the-Polls

      • B-PEP Is Looking to Expand to Other SWPA Counties as Resources Allow

    • In Development: Transportation Hub Development and Training via Checklists Video Training and/or Live Zoom Training

    • In Development: Transportation Contact Sharing and Dispatch Collaboration

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